Patchnotes 3.3.0


  • A new features has been added to take snapshots of gear when a character was visited through the website or the API.
  • A snapshot is scanning and saving the current gear a character has equipped for 360 minutes and will be shown instead of re-loading the gear from the BnS Server every time the character is visited or requested.
  • This change improves the loading times of characters that are visited regularly, since only a small amount of data has to be re-loaded from the BnS server upon re-visiting, since the gear and stats are already saved on the website for 6 hours.
  • In case a user does not want to wait 6 hours to see changes in gear on this website, a button to manual request a snapshot update has been added to the character page header.
  • This request is not possible through the API and has to be triggered manually, if applicable.
  • Snapshot status information have been added to the character API to monitor the gear update date.



  • Fixed a few styling issues on the character score leaderboards