Patchnotes 3.2.0


  • Adjusted following calculations for gear scores:
  1. Drastically reduced the value of mythical item levels
  2. Removed the influence of HM Levels and Hongmoon Scroll HM Points


The reason for these changes is, that mythical levels are far more accessable now than they were when first released, leading to a far higher number of combined mythical levels each character usually possesses. Originally, when only weapons had mythicals, the added score for those were rather high and this was transferred to other equipment as well without adjustment - leading to really high scores which basically almost exclusively consisted of mythical gear (more than 50% of the score). This influence was greatly reduced now, but not completely removed.

Additionally the influence of HM levels and HM Points was completely removed, since those would basically count twice before (since the HM points themselves already boost stats - and also gave score themselves). This should level the scores a bit between characters that have basically the same stats, but a good difference in HM levels. Seems rather unintuitive to have a big score gap between those two individual characters. 


Server Transfer

  • The system was moved to a new server, greatly increasing loading time, enjoy!



  • Fixed an issue where renamed characters were not displayed correctly in the toplists