Patchnotes 3.0.0


  • With the release of UE4, the access points for character data changed a bit, but offer now way more useful information and easier to access and read. Due to this improvement, BnS Life was updated to the version 3.0.0 and will run on a few manual updates in the future to fix and update new content released. Most parts and areas of the website now fully automated.



  • The Marketplace has been disabled for now
  • Once BnS Life has established its own connection to the game server and can read marketplace and ranking data, the Marketplace API and Overview will return.



Newly added

  • Amulets are now availale
  • Weapon Psyches are now available
  • Every normal equipment now has their main stats and effects displayed
  • The current location and login status of every character was added
  • Gender and Race are now visible
  • Gems and Psyches are now autoloaded and visible
  • Maxed-out stats on Psyches and Soul Shields are now highlighted
  • Added a link to the character API and the official playNC character page (desktop view only)
  • All characters from the same account are now visible (was not possible on EU before)
  • Dual Blade is supported



  • The gear score calculation has been adjusted to include Amulets and upcoming new types of Gems and Psyches
  • Due to the calculation changes, all saved gear has been deleted. The scoreboard was also reset. It is possible, that the new score is lower than before.
  • The layout was adjusted
  • Character profile images have been reworked, therefore the size was reduced
  • The HM point bonus was adjusted to new values (auto fetch implemented)
  • The data in the API has been updated to include all new content
  • Soul Shields are now always visible


Bug Fixes

  • The talents page was unavailable for characters with a space " " in their name
  • under certain circumstances, soul shield names and stats were not available
  • Transcendent psyches were not included in gear score calculations