Moving Server and Adjusting Gear Scores

Greetings warriors,

since the current server rent is running out and I do not plan to renew it, I reached out to a friend to switch the host and server for the website to improve the accessability and loading speed. Within the next week we are moving the website to the new platform. 

The link/domain and access will stay the same - so you should not notice much when using the website as usual. The loading times should drastically increase though.

While doing this, we are also doing an adjustment to the gear score calculation regarding mythical gear levels. When first adding the mythicals to the gear score, it took a while to actually get a high level on them which now seemed to change and so should the weight of said scores. Expect slightly reduced scores for all characters but it should not affect the order / toplist ranking placements, since all characters are affected. 

This change will take place with the finalized server switch within the next 14 days.